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16th June 2011

Applications du codage réseau pour la vidéo - Muriel Médard

Professor, Head of the Network Coding and Reliable Communications Group, MIT, Cambridge, Ma., USA.


The use of wireless networks poses problems for video distribution. The lack of reliability gives rise to interruptions in service, which reduce the quality of reception. Conversely, the high rates required by video can overload some wireless networks or give rise to excessive loading costs. We address the issue of different applications of network encoding to solve these problems. First of all we consider encoding to combine heterogeneous networks, such as 802.11 and LTE networks, without having recourse to frequent and onerous control messages to switch from one network to another. We also present the use of network encoding to avoid interruptions due to the reactions of the TCP, in respect of losses linked to wireless networks. We consider data exchange via encryption to make possible the sharing of videos in conformity with the DRM. Encryption also makes it possible to reduce the complexity of decryption by limiting encryption solely to the encoding coefficients.

Work carried out by Joao Barros, Frank Fitzek, Janus Heide, Michael Heindlmaier, Minji Kim, Ashutosh Kulkarni, Michael Mitzenmacher, Marie-José Montpetit, Asuman Ozadglar, Ali ParandehGheibi, Morten Pedersen, Devavrat Shah, Srinivas Shakkottai, Jay-Kumar Sundararajan and Danail Traskov.

Applications du codage réseau pour la vidéo - Muriel Médard


Muriel Médard is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at MIT. She was previously an Assistant Professor in the ECE Department at UIUC and a Staff Member at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. She received B.S. degrees in EECS, in Mathematics, and in Humanities, as well as M.S. and Sc D. degrees in EE, all from MIT. Professor Médard’s research interests are in the areas of network coding and reliable communications, particularly for optical and wireless networks.

She has served as an Associate Editor for the Optical Communications and Networking Series of the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory and the OSA Journal of Optical Networking.
She has served as a Guest Editor for the IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (twice), the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications and the IEEE Transactions on Information Forensic and Security. She serves as an associate editor for the IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology. She is a member of the Board of Governors of the IEEE Information Theory Society and currently serves as First Vice-President. She has served as TPC co-chair of ISIT, WiOpt and CONEXT. She was awarded the 2009 IEEE Communication Society and Information Theory Society Joint Paper Award , the 2009 IEEE William R. Bennett Prize in the Field of Communications, and the 2002 IEEE Leon K. Kirchmayer Prize Paper Award. She was co-winner of the 2004 MIT Harold E. Edgerton Faculty Achievement Award. In 2007, she was named a Gilbreth Lecturer by the National Academy of Engineering.