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Chaires actuelles

2014 TOLMACH AndrewPEPTIDE : Proof Engineering : Principles, Techniques and Integrated Development EnvironmentsUniversité Paris Sud/Inria
2014 JACOBS DavidBDIM : Bases for Deformation Insensitive MatchingENS Cachan/Ecole Centrale de Paris
2014 MASSA AndreaSIRENA : Efficient inverSIon stRategiEs for Non-inAsive monitoring of complex structuresSupélec/CEA
2013 Antoine DezaCombinatorial optimizationLRI/PRISM
2012 Pierre Mc Kenzie Expressivity and computational complexity of counter machines (COMPCOUNT LSV/ENS Cachan, LIX/Polytechnique
2012 Aris Moustakas Applying statistical physics and game theory to communications systems and networks (ASAPGONE) Supélec
2011 Dimitris Samaras Identification and prediction of Salient brain States through probabilistic structure learning towards fusion of imaging and genomic date (SuBSAmPLE) Ecole Centrale Paris, Inria Saclay - Île-de-France
2008 Peter Clote Development of new thermodynamics-based algorithms to better understand RNA LIX, LRI