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Digiteo’s Marketing Team

Technology Marketing Resources

Marketing staff and shared IP/marketing/company tools & databases
Digiteo employs a team of technology marketing engineers with broad ICT industry background and technology transfer know-how. A set of marketing tools have been put in place in order to assist the marketing team in its endeavours.

Studies carried out by this permanent marketing staff are mostly defined within the scope of each OMTE project.

For each targeted technology area, deliverables may include :

 Market segmentation

  • Profiles of identified market leaders
  • Technology landscape definition (publications, patents, products)
  • Market sizing and growth assessments
  • SWOT analysis
  • Potential product positioning vs identified opportunities
  • Identification of technology transfer targets
  • Assessment of spin-off opportunities

Along these deliverables, depending on the requirements of each project, Digiteo’s marketing engineers also typically support the OMTE project teams by launching a first series of recommended actions :

Establish contacts with potential partners

  • Initiate first contracts
  • Attract new investors
  • Adapt business plans

 A number of tools have been purchased by Digiteo (annual subscriptions) on behalf of all member institutes. One access is available for each of the member Technology Transfer offices plus one access for Digiteo’s marketing team.

 Those resources include :

A patent database and associated search engine

  • Marketing databases : access to global ICT market reports
  • Company databases : extensive online data (financial reports, structural information, market data, ongoing monitoring) on 24 Million international companies

For further information about Digiteo’s marketing team, please contact :

Gunnar Pettersson : Gunnar.pettersson[@]digiteo.fr
Stéphane Hopensztand : stephane.hopensztand[@]digiteo.fr