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Ecole Polytechnique

Largely internationalised, the École Polytechnique combines research, teaching and innovation at the highest scientific and technological level.

Its organisation promotes a science-led culture of excellence, based on a strong humanist tradition. With its three levels of programme – undergraduate engineering degree, master’s and doctorate – the École Polytechnique trains responsible men and women, capable of carrying out complex and innovative activities to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

With its 22 laboratories, the École Polytechnique research centre works on the frontiers of knowledge, on major inter-disciplinary scientific, technological and social challenges. Innovation and technology transfer are closely linked with research activities and learning. Relations with business is seeing a substantial increase both as regards research contracts, medium-term partnerships (15 business chairs) and long-term partnerships with the creation of common research teams such as with Total.

École Polytechnique, a member of ParisTech, is also one of the driving forces behind the Campus de Saclay project, which it is supporting with 22 other academic and scientific partners.

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