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Equipex Digiscope


Digiteo’s Digiscope project is one of the winning proposals in Computer Science in the French national ‘Equipex’ or “Facilities for Excellence” program. Launched as part of the “Investments for the Future” program in March 2011, Digiscope involves eleven laboratories in eight institutions on the Plateau de Saclay in the Île-de-France region [1].

Digiscope is a ten-year, €22 million project designed to support analysis, visualization and interaction with extremely large quantities of data, both locally and at a distance.

Developing collaborative, interactive visualizations

The goal of Digiscope is to create a research platform that advances the state of the art in collaborative visualization of ‘big data’. This unique facility will offer a novel approach that interconnects highly diverse interactive environments, from wall-sized interactive displays to immersive 3D and virtual reality rooms. Researchers, businesses and universities will take advantage of novel interaction and visualization techniques to interact with and explore a variety of models, simulations and complex systems.

Features of Digiscope

Digiscope adds a new, collaborative dimension to the WILD platform, also funded by Digiscope to support Wall-Sized Interaction with Large Datasets. Nine large-scale interactive visualization rooms will be interconnected via video and audio links to support collaboration within and across these heterogeneous environments. Users will be able to take advantages of the unique properties of the individual rooms, while sharing and interacting with data in distant rooms.

Intended fields of application

Digiscope will provide novel tools for scientific discovery, e.g., physics and the life sciences, as well as the design of complex 3D objects, e.g., automotive and aeronautical design. The facility will also support visualization of abstract data, for economic intelligence and decision-support applications, as well as crisis management.

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[1Université Paris-Sud, CNRS, Inria, CEA, Institut Mines-Télécom, École Centrale Paris, Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, and École normale supérieure de Cachan.