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Digiteo has developped its own technology transfer programme, named OMTE (opération de maturation technico-économique).

The core of Digiteo’s technology transfer activities consists of the so-called OMTE programme. OMTE stands for "Opération de Maturation Technico-Economique" and should be considered as a Collaborative Technology Transfer Readiness programme.

Three specific technico-economic programme components are covered :

  • Technology readiness, consisting of joint engineering development bringing the targeted technology to maturation - from the stage of individual lab science to the level required for efficient technology transfer. The outcome is typically a demonstrator/prototype that is convincing enough for prospective meetings with potential partners
  • Market assessment, where a dedicated marketing engineer runs a comprehensive study including : market quantification/segmentation, application screening, industry landscape assessment (competitors, potential partners) and prospecting with the goal to meet with the most promising transfer targets. The conclusion of this study may also gear the project members towards the creation of a spin-off
  • Intellectual Property (IP) coaching, with the goal to identify all potential threats and opportunities in terms of patents and copyrights. A so-called "IP landscape" is established allowing the project team to get a quick glance of identified stumbling blocks and opportunities.
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