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Pooling resources to amplify and accelerate technology transfers

The mission of Digiteo is to put its research to work for society and the economy, facilitating the various steps involved in transforming an initial concept into an industry-ready product. Digiteo therefore coaches research teams through the process, helping technological projects reach maturity and encouraging technology transfer and new start-ups.

Pooling tools for technology transfer

Digiteo’s partners have their own technology transfer staff and expertise specific to their research themes. By pooling these complementary practices, the involved institutes will strengthen their technology transfer programmes, thereby promoting the transfer of innovative technologies.
Special coordinating entities have been created to optimise technology transfer, namely a committee and an independent council.

Bringing innovative projects to maturity
To consolidate technology transfer tools, Digiteo focuses on three areas :

  • Legal maturity : Intellectual property audits
  • Marketing maturity : Market needs, competitive positioning
  • Technological maturity : Transforming research results into transferable technology

These three initiatives received a grant from ANR (French National Research Agency) following the call for projects entitled Collaborating around technology transfer and jointly bringing innovative projects to maturity.

Joint research outlet development to bolster the transfer of innovative technologies

Finally, to make the transfer of innovation more visible and efficient, Digiteo monitors the resultant technologies and patents :

Software traceability, which involves :

  • Methodologies in terms of source code handling/verification.
  • Version management of software source code.

Patent pooling, which aims to :

  • Improve the offering’s clarity and attractiveness.
  • Software asset management
  • Creation of a common database covering all identified patents