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Programming, software engineering and information systems

Fundamental research on software, programming and knowledge management plays a central role in the science of information and communication. The general goal is to provide models, methods and tools for the efficient, high-level deployment of complex software systems. Research in this area aims at providing innovative, expressive models and associated technologies for complex knowledge and data management.

The goal is to make software and information management systems :

  • safer : without error or unexpected behaviour at runtime, robust to failures or changes of the environment, etc. ;
  • more secure : resistant to attack from 4 evil third party, preserving privacy and confidentiality ;
  • more efficient with respect to computation resources (execution time, memory consumption, etc.) ;
  • easy to distribute in large-scale hardware infrastructures such as grids, clouds, etc. ;
  • easy to specify, run and maintain, through the use of principled approaches for modelling, validation and verification.

Thanks to the wide range of competences of the involved groups, the researches on software led within Digiteo seamlessly spread from theoretical foundations (semantics, type systems, etc.) to practical methods and tools. A common challenge is how to scale up, both in size and quality.