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TCICS : A technology breakthrough in material characterization

TCICS has been selected in 2011 to benefit from Digiteo’s technology transfer readiness programme (OMTE). The innovation is issued from a research team of LMT-Cachan (ENS Cachan / CNRS / University of Paris 6).

The technology permits to identify mechanical properties and different kinds of defects (e.g., cracks, damage) of physical components, using a simple set of digital images or tomographies of 2D and 3D parts under different loading states. It can be used to study various materials including composites, steels and alloys, elastomers and polymers, construction materials. TCICS software significantly reduces the overall testing time by eliminating the need for strain gauges or extensometers, and external additional computations.

The market survey conducted by Digiteo confirmed the interest for industrial applications both for multinational companies and SMEs. It emphasized that the determination of mechanical properties of 3D parts is a major innovation.

TCICS presentation film :

Clip TCICS par Digiteo

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