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8 février 2012

The route to hidden electronics - Rudi Lauwereins

Vice-President of IMEC’s DESICS Division, Leuven, Belgium


Over forty years of happy CMOS scaling brought the room-sized super-computer for the nerds into everyone’s pocket, literally connecting every-body on earth. In an economy which is based on double digit growth, the obvious next step is to connect every-thing on earth. This move redirects the focus from electronics-for-infotainment to electronics helping to solve the mounting societal challenges our earth faces: better and more affordable health care for everyone, safer and more efficient transportation, cleaner and more sustainable environment.
Realizing this requires abandoning the traditional keyboard/screen user interface to make the electronic devices autonomous, independent from a human in the loop, and to provide its services hidden in the background.

In this presentation, I will zoom into the various challenges we need to tackle to make electronics truly hidden and autonomous. I will use preventive personalized health care as an application driver.

The route to hidden electronics - Rudi Lauwereins


Rudy Lauwereins is vice president of IMEC, which performs world-leading research and delivers industry-relevant technology solutions through global partnerships in nano-electronics, ICT, healthcare and energy. He is chairing IMEC’s Smart Systems Technology Office, guiding the strategic research decisions in energy efficient green radios, vision systems, (bio)medical and lifestyle electronics, wireless autonomous transducer systems, large area organic electronics, photovoltaic systems, battery systems, and "More than Moore" technologies. He is also a part-time Full Professor at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, where he teaches Computer Architectures in the Master of Science in Elektrotechnical Engineering program.
Before joining IMEC in 2001, he held a tenure Professorship in the Faculty of Engineering at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven since 1993. He had obtained a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering in 1989. Professor Lauwereins has authored and co-authored more than 380 publications in international journals, books and conference proceedings. He is a fellow of the IEEE.